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Live Streaming of Second Department Oral Argument

If you have not yet heard, the Second Department now offers live streaming of its oral arguments.  The streaming website may be accessed HERE. If you would like to receive an advance notice of the specific AD2 panels, please reply with the word “Panel.” As always, we remain available to answer all appellate service inquiries…

National Appellate Printing

What’s in a Caption?

When less than all of the defendants are the appellants, they are not necessarily captioned as “defendants-appellants” right beneath the “plaintiff-respondent.”  At least in the Second Department, reference is made initially to the caption of the order or judgment appealed from.  If at least one of the appealing defendants is named first, then that defendant,…

National Appellate Printing

Appeals Demystified — The Appeals Process

THE APPEAL PROCESS DEMYSTIFIED How is an appeal taken? Some orders and judgments are appealable as of right, others only by permission. Appeals as of right are taken by serving and filing a notice of appeal (CPLR 5515). Permission to appeal is obtained by making a motion for that relief (CPLR 5516). When must a…