Letter to Our Clients



Dear Counselor,

Thank you for making us part of your professional network.

App1Source provides busy practitioners with appeals capacity and expertise on demand.

We are a real-time, high-value appellate service provider designed to assist you with the intricacies and demands of appellate practice.  At App1Source, we are attuned to the needs and expectations of sole practitioners and small firms handling appeals.

App1Source provides busy practitioners with a “turn-key” concierge appeals service designed to get your appeals completed, filed and heard.

We are mindful that ours is a relationship-based business and we place a premium on helping our attorney clients succeed. We only win if you (and your clients) win.

Please keep our services in mind and feel free to call me or our Client Relations Manager, Peter Nathan, at (516) 858-0222.

Yours for a more rewarding, less pressured and more profitable practice,

   | App1Source

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