App1Source Provides the Following Appellate Services:


Initial Matters

  • Review record
  • Assist with preparation, service and filing of notice of appeal
  • Compile record
  • Organize documents to be produced and prepare cross reference
  • Identify missing documents, if any
  • Identity if transcripts and/or notice of settlement to be filed and served.

Record / Appendix

  • Prepare Table of Contents
  • Acquire Docket numbers/docket entries depending on the court where appealed
  • Prepare Certificates depending on the courts, Note of Issue, Argument Time Request, Statement of no other Opinion, etc
  • Apply Page numbering and headings to entire record
  • Convert Minuscript pages to Single Page (if required by the court)
  • Affidavits of Service
  • Subpoena, Stipulation 5532, etc (if any required)


  • Check the correct formatting of the brief as per court requirements
  • Typeset covers
  • Prepare Table of Contents
  • Prepare Table of Authorities
  • Certificate of Compliance

Digital Process

  • De-skew and De-speckle each page
  • OCR and convert to searchable PDF
  • Bookmark PDF
  • Hyperlink Table of Content to Record / Appendix / Brief content
  • Hyperlink Table of Authority to Brief content
  • Prepare Record / Appendix for ECF Filing

Other Services

  • Electronic Filing
  • Paralegal assistance with research and brief preparation